The main activities of the Indonesian Food Safety Institute are:

  • Performing training and courses in agriculture, fisheries and food relative issues as packaging, soil, water, environments and other related issues;
  • Performing lab activities for governments and private purposes;
  • Engaging experts, both national and international for their activities;
  • Organizing conferences, lectures, seminars, workshops for the purpose of their activities and dissemination of information for consumers’ protection;
  • Organizing internships, national and international;
  • Conducting audit and inspection, both for government and private sectors;
  • Coordinating  national and international projects;
  • Conducting studies and research, both for national and international purposes;
  • Establishing dispute management, conciliation and negotiation system.
  • Establishing ethical code, code of conduct, certification and standards for activities mentioned in the scope;
  • Assisting the establishment of European Food Arbitration Court.
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Jakarta, Indonesia