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Syntegration is a revolutionary method which is derived from the theories of applied cybernetics, management and communications science. It has remarkable capacities: it works fast, creates optimal participation, alignment and attunement; makes agility really work; dissolves conflict, creates consensus, is applicable to every complex challenge; unleashes intelligence and creativity; prevents fear of change and resistance; ignites sustainable change processes and strengthens institutional leadership. Syntegration raises networks to a new level of communicative competence and operative effectiveness. It thus opens the door to a new world of competitive advantages achieved by speed, accuracy of targeting, strength of consensus and organisational intelligence.

This training is delivered by The Malik Institute.

Goals and activities

  • Generating a high level of participation among the individuals concerned
  • Providing a structure and system of communication that guarantees the inclusive participatory nature of the process
  • Benefits from the variety and wealth of knowledge supplied by each individual within the group, putting into practice the synergies derived from the interaction among all its members
  • The creation of a collective awareness, if possible shared among all the mmembers of the group, regarding the central issue being considered and analysed.

Time frame and investment

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