Achieving Sustainability in Food Safety: An Ethical Code as Corporate Social Responsibility?

Published in Infofish #2 (2020) / By Evelyne Nusalim

Consumers have the right to have safe and correctly processed food, and it is up to food regulators and food business operators to assure them of this. In fact, food fraud, with or without consequences on consumers’ health, should be considered as a ‘crime against the community’. The author suggests that establishing an Ethical Code for food business operators based on Honour, Honesty and Order will help to combat fraudulent practices, particularly if the Code is implemented as part of corporate social responsibility.

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Health as Marketing Strategy for Seafood

Published in the Journal of Ocean Technology vol.8 Special Issue (2013) / By Evelyne Nusalim

Fish: Friend or Foe? is a question often asked by consumers before buying fish as part of their menu. There is hesitation, which demonstrates that buying fish is not always a spontaneous decision like buying potatoes or meat, considered to be standard fare. This hesitation is caused by the consumer’s uncertainty about the benefits and risks of eating fish. Health as marketing strategy for seafood will increase consumer’s confidence in buying seafood.

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