Trainings are tailor-made for both companies and individual participants. Certain programmes will be provided online.

Systems Thinking

Systems thinking is a set of knowledge, tools and principles which provides a “new way of thinking” to understand and manage complex problems. The focus of systems thinking is on creating models to learn about the behaviour of the world and concentrating on the impact changes can have on the overall systems. Through its visual component, export leaders are better able to perceive the different perspectives individuals bring to a discussion
because these models allow them to visualise the different relationships and particular situations that give their perspective of the world, and can, therefore, make judgements based on a more balanced understanding. This way, stakeholders are taught to nurture interdisciplinary collaborations and discussions to be able to find a holistic and balanced solution to a complex problem.

This training is delivered by Sunium.

Goals and activities

  • The tailor-made training will teach how to diagnose and map export challenges to be able to understand the disturbances that affect the system thus learning to identify the important parameters to control it.
  • Developing models of general internal and external barriers to the export to obtain an understanding of the complex relationships between these barriers and how they affect Indonesian export in the international markets.
  • The systems thinking approach is particularly relevant in addressing exporting management issues to help analyse and explain the complexity that arises through the effects of barriers on export activities.
  • World experts on systems thinking provide systems thinking training and coaching for the relevant stakeholders in Indonesia.

Time frame and investment

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