The objectives of the Indonesian Food Safety Institute are as follows:

  1. Acting as platform in food and food products, agriculture, fisheries, forestry, water, environment and all related products;
  2. Establishing high level consumers protection in food both national and international;
  3. Bridging government, business operators and knowledge institutes national and international for food safety and food security purposes;
  4. Prevent fraud and misleading activities in food and food products;
  5. Increase quality and productivity in food and food products’;
  6. Encouraging innovation and trade in food and food products.
  7. Encourage Corporate Social Responsibility of all stakeholders in food sectors.
  8. Supporting the stakeholders of the food sectors in their legal action and arbitration.
  9. Establishing personal certification in food sectors to encourage young people to work in the field of agriculture, fisheries and forestry that lead to access to higher education.
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Jakarta, Indonesia